What have I been doing during quarantine?

What have I been doing during quarantine?

Hey! I know that the world is going to shit now. It has been quite interesting year … bush fires, storms and floods. And now this – virus pandemic. This seems too similar to games/movies like Mad Max, The Division or pretty much anything else where world’s been ridden by a plague. Or virus.

Since (almost) entire world has been restricted it is quite difficult to fulfill my internation passions (travelling and swing dancing). Not to mention people getting fired from work or forced to work from home (I am lucky here, I work remotely anyway). A lot of people are under the stress (especially not finding toilet paper). I think that it will pass. The virus, I mean. I hope it’s not the end of the world. Though you can see it from here (get it? Guess where this quote comes from. Comment, now!).

So, for me personally, this virus isn’t affecting my work/income life yet. However, since I cannot dance or travel, I need to find things to do in my spare time. This blog comes into it – I probably have more time now so blogging will keep me occupied for a while.

So, what am I doing right these days?

I got PS4, Xbox One and Stadia. My favourite is, of course, Stadia. Then Xbox and then PS4. I finished Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on Stadia. I mean, I got all 93 achievements. It took around 100 hours to complete it.

Recently, another passion resurfaced – building jigsaw puzzles. Just finish 2,000 pieces puzzle at the moment. This is one of those passions that don’t affect my eyes negatively. So it’s healthy. Also, it’s “brain” game. These games are always good for your brain.

I’m also growing beard. I am not sure when I will visit barber and since I don’t need to face people at this stage, I’ll see what I look like when my beard becomes huuuge. Though I can’t promise you if I’ll keep it this long.

This is what I plan to do during this pandemic

There are certain things that I plan on doing while we are all under the quarantine:

  • Fix my car (there are couple of errors showing on the dashboard, will take it to repair garage)
  • Complete a few games – The Division 2 (practicing for now), Doom Eternal, Borderlands 3. If you got those on Stadia and up for some co-op, get in touch)
  • Start working out at home (I already do my daily walking exercise (1.6 miles each day)
  • Try not to become alcoholic (it seems that alcoholism is people’s new passion now)
  • Review a few movies and music albums (did you know that Eminem release new album recently? It’s called Music to be Murdered by and it’s bloody fantastic!)
  • Build more jigsaw puzzles

So yeah, while this corona virus seems quite bad and limiting everybody, I think it’s a great time to find out about our other passions. Something that could be done at home. With family members or on your own.

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