About me

Who is Don Mazonas?

Don Mazonas
It’s me – Don Mazonas

Hi! My name is Don Mazonas. I am living my 4th decade already. Many people know me as lindy hopper, others – entrepreneur. And then there are some people who know me but they don’t even know what the hell I am doing for living.

The fact is, I manipulate Google’s algorhythm to put certain websites on top of Google searches when you type in certain keywords. Yes, you probably guesed it – I am search engine optimisation specialist or, in short, SEO specialist. For the past 13 years now. This is my passion rather than job and I love. Absolutely.

So what is this blog about?

Over past 1.5 decades that I have been doing internet marketing and internet projects, I had made many of them based around my passions. There was a blog (still is, actually) about swing dancing. Another – travelling. I even made several about internet marketing (SEO, especially). There were some blogs in video gaming, mobile gaming, web dating (though I wouldn’t say I am an expert), adult (not ashamed at all), gambling, weight loss (not exactly expert either) and many more.

Sadly, not many of them are still alive. Just a few. However, I decided that I need a blog that I would keep writing for eternity. However, I believe most of my passions are short-lived. Do you know how many I had? Let’s see.

I went to guitar lessons when I was a kid. Eactly 2 classes. I went to chess club too. For about 4 times if I recall correctly. Could be less times. When I was a little older (just started my 3rd decade), I went to golf club. For 3 classes. I went to kick boxing (7 months), krav maga (1 year), wing chun (4 classes). Though I would love to resume wing chung classes. The only 2 other passions that have stuck for a while – travelling (probably forever) and swing dancing (7 years). Oh I was into snooker / English pool once too. I was playing 4 times a week at one time.

So, is this blog about things I love?

Absolutely! These are things you should expect me to blog about:

  • Business (internet marketing, SEO, entrepreneurship)
  • Travelling
  • Dancing (mostly lindy hop, festivals, etc …)
  • Fighting (if I ever resume wing chun/krav maga classes that is)
  • Driving (I love my car and driving – the further the better)
  • Movies (reviews, perhaps?)
  • Music (like, perhaps, Eminem? Or swing music reviews or something)
  • Games (board games, puzzles, video games, mobile games, etc …)
  • Happy living (I am spiritual person (not religious though) so expect mindfulness and stuff)
  • Fitness (if I become passionate about fitness that is)
  • Many other things because why not?

So here it is – me, Don Mazonas, in a nutshell.